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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. well, good morning. it is monday, march 5th, i am dave clark. and i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson for a look at your weather. it is not an issue, at least nothing i can find so far. temperatures will start to come down over by the water's edge, it was really nice on the weekend, upper 60s, lower 70s, our big five-day, we will get to that in about five minutes,
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here is tara. this is a look at 101 traffic is moving well in both directions, they are trying to determine the cause of an early morning crash which happened on 21st street. a van flipped over and skidded several feet. a woman told police she had lost control of the van when another vehicle swerved into her van. now they are looking for witnesses who can possibly support her story. let's go back to the desk. budget cuts are taking their message straight to sacramento. paul chambers is in san jose where students will be gathered ahead of the rally. >> reporter: they are here right now and i have 10 to 12 students who say they are sick of education being always targeted for money.
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i have amy, one of the people on her way to sacramento, amy, why are you guys doing this? >> we feel it is important as students for our voices to be heard and it is one thing to complain but it is another thing to show the state legislatures what we are dealing with. we are fed up. community college should be affordable and the fact that it's not is unacceptable. >> reporter: amy what happens in the past what are you expected to do when having your concerns heard? >> well first it is a huge event, so we feel it there are powers in numbers and it is something visible, you can see people from the state legislature looking out their windows and we felt we were making that personal connection letting them know education is something that needs to be funned. -- funded. >> reporter: we did hear from
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the lieutenant governor and governor nude son is expected to be one of the speakers. live in san jose, paul chambers, channel 2 news. time now 502, the israeli president is waking up in the bay area, it is the furs time the president as joined us. alex? >> reporter: he will be focusing on innovation and will be taking a tour of this ibm facility, and employees will talk about neurocomputing and artificial intelligence. during his four day trip, elvis google and facebook and of course security will be hard, there will be extra security on
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hand. this is the first time an incumbent israeli president has visited the bay area and it is a big deal for the jewish community. >> the last community to visit was mayor in the 1970s. >> reporter: the synagogue said they are expecting pro palestinians protesters as well as the occupied movement. there will be a perimeter set up to protect. he will be arrive agent this facility and later on he will be attending a didn't engineer with heads of various tech companies of hp and san francisco and they will allowing the start ups.
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president barack obama meets at the white house with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he is expected to ask of the president about dealing with the nuclear threat from iran. they are trying to find out if the two shootings are connected. it first one happened early yesterday morning -- the second shooting happened where somebody opened fire from a distance and hit three young men. investigators are calling the first shooting a driveby but similar to the 7th street, somebody opened fire and hit three young men. >> they have to do more at this defendant and have the blame
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guam. >> all the victims are expected to be okay. time now 505. in the domestic case of sheriff ross mirkarimi. almost 200 jury members have been summoned. they will continue with closed door sections with sheriff ross mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend. a judge will determine whether she will testify in the trial. the chronicle editor phil braunstein may also be called as a witness. chronicles are calling the people and first called braunstein to tell him what happened. he is charged with illegally performing procedures. a 49-year-old is accused of posing as a doctor while
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running a dermatology clinic in the mission district. he performed liposuction and an eye lift. he is accused of treating a woman's daughter using injections. >> union sit woman, killed nursing student michelle lay because she blamed lay for ruining her relationship. the trial is set for september 17th. bart says they need to raise an extra $5 million a year. one plan woulded a dime to all rides too. in tomorrow's community meeting it meets at 6:30 at the
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transportation headquarters in oakland. 5:07 let's check in with tara, it is foggy out there, it must be in patches. >> yes, steve has been talking about in this morning so be aware of that. even the bay and you will run into a little bit of fog. the fog hazardous pay thed and everything is from and there are folks headed towards the mcarthur maze. up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and there is not a lot of fog here and it is clear sailing into san francisco. in san jose, not a lot of folks just yet and your commute is looking great. let's talk to steve. it will be cooler pie the
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coast, not as arm 76, there are a lot of low 70s inland and because some of that fog came back, it is shallow and there will be 50s and 60s for some. temperatures are going down towards the north. we'll see a westerly breeze and i expected them to pick up later. it is a cold core system. today the fog was started, temperatures upper 70s, cooling trends starts today and a lot of bit tomorrow.
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mostly sunny today, fog coal and bay. it will still be above normal. san rafael 65, couldn't cord 68 and they were going 60 toyed. half-moon what i is not nearly as nice. colder and windy, in the north bay early, in fact some changes start to move in on sunday. >> all right, the changes are coming. >> a san francisco man or rested on child abuse charges, why this investigation is from from over. . >> today the pro-football
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and he would reward players for knocking targeted opponents out of a game. the league wants to know if he had a similar bounty on the other teams he worked for which included the titans, jaguars and the bills. possible stuff, suspensions and draft picks. and making a major speech at northwestern university on why it is legal to kill its own citizens overseas. it comes five months after a drone attack killed u.s. born al qaeda leader in yemen. since then several lawsuits have been filed against the obama administration. everyone is looking for justification of his death. and benjamin israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house, he is expected
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to dominate their discussions, allison? >> reporter: that is right, he has made clear after a powerful pro israeli lobbying group he wants to be sure he has a strong commitment to the country. >> during this season you will hear some questions regarding my administration support for israel and remember it is not backed up by the facts. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu has warned him and president barack obama is not openly supporting the idea and more on why president barack obama says talk of war only benefits iran during my next update in about an hour. for now allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. in russia, a huge
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demonstration will protest what opponents call election fraud in vladimir puntin's parliamentary election. results show he won 6 5% of the vote. that will be vladimir putin's third time and in between he served as prime minister. they reported thousands of complaints of election fraud and vladimir puntin is to be sworn in as president in may. the man arrested last week on child abuse sexual charges may have other victims. kyle vote is accused of having sex with a little girl beginning when she was five years old. he sexually abused other people and they are urging victims to come forward. a young boy fell to his death in a deep well.
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four-year-old samuel jones climbed a chain link fence and fell below. they are expecting to go over and recover his body later today. the chronicle reports last year at the nevada department of wildlife only native to the state the heavy snow pack prevented the fish from spawning and nevada will plan 50,000 rainbow trout this season. >> let's check in with tara, it is getting busy, right? >> yes, if you take a look at 680 at the sunole grade, i have been noticing a little bit of traffic northbound in the upper portion of your screen. 101 through san francisco, your drive through fso and on the left towards downtown it is looking good. finally at the golden gate
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bridge, we have been seeing a lot of fog and they reissued the heavy fog advisory letting folks know to take it easy if you have to get into marin early this morning. coast and bay, not a push inland but it is shallow and temperatures will cool down by the coast over the weekend of 70 degrees temperatures across the board here. 72 in san jose and a very warm mild 75. today 60s increased westerly breeze. we only have livermore san jose tomorrow, almost all the highs will be in the 50s and we have a rather vigorous and cold system. today mostly sunny, to the north now, napa, 40s everywhere else, some of that fog, fso
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showing a westerly breeze as the system gets closer by later tonight into tuesday. probably moisture will create some and possibly because it is so cold. mainly it is cold and it will be the main message. mostly sunny, cooler coastal, cooling trends starts today and it will drop off upper 50s windy and cold. fog coast and bay, some of that is very shallow, a little cooler out there today and noticeably cooler by the coast. as they get more of that with low clouds. 50s and 60s and we are shaping up to be almost a summer-like pattern. 50s and 60s will give way to temperatures. tomorrow though cold and wind starts to move in, a few light showers to the north. thursday and friday, we rebound and we have some changes by
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sunday, pam, dave? european markets are lower after spain announced they will miss their target deficit and that leads to the far east overnight where hong kong and taiwan fell the most. they are concerned mostly about china after the nikkei reached the highest level in february after ten years. and our futures point to a slower opening at this point on friday, dow jones industrial average starts at 12977. apple is expected to join record sales. some predict between 60 million i-pads it will be sold before the end of the year, that brings them past 100 million
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and that's not good >> >> another street view photo, the lewd act he was caught doing on his own front yard. also many people think rush limbaugh went way too far, how responders are responding to his remarks about a student. traffic is looking good, we will worry about some fog coming up in traffic.
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. we have some fog over the coast, it will be cool today, 50s and 60s inland. look at this picture, this is winter. 30,000 have no electricity this morning. these storms knocked out power friday. people moved into red cross warming centers and several schools have no power and some of those folks may not get power back until tomorrow. rush limbaugh is losing another sponsor on his radio talk show at least for now. pro flour will pull its sponsors and they are talking about his comments about a
5:25 am
georgetown law student he referred to as a slit and prostitute but they support free speech. they have the 7th to pull sponsoring he has since apologized. and there have been several computer glitches, they have combined their computer system into one on saturday and that's the last major step in the company's merger. it led to lost baggage and delayed flights for many passengers over the weekend. that created more jobs in february than they have in almost a year. that means the job market is picking up and even part-timers are getting more hours. they expected to slow down after the holidays. >> we had a really good amount of people coming in, in january
5:26 am
which is usually the deadest time of the year for toy stores. and that's especially from three years ago. >> not everyone is as successful and more than 300 employees can be transferred from the food store as it prepares to close later this year. police want your help to crack down on a teenage troubled spot. they are looking for help after getting complaints after teen drug deals and people smoking. police are asking if anybody sees anything suspicious to call right away. they have a picture of him urinate being in his front yard and it made him a laughing stock in his village.
5:27 am
other villages immediately knew who it was. he is suing for 13,000 dollars and wants the photo removed. message for lawmakers are expected to speak at today's big event. police are looking for the vandals who cost drivers thousands of dollars in damage slashing tires. also perez is waking up right here in the bay area, what is on his schedule during this historic visit? we have a high-speed chase we want to tell you about coming up.
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. good morning, it is march 5th, i am dave clark. >> let's check in with paulsen today? >> fog has come back and some of that fog is really thick on the bridges, upper 60s a few low 70s, we will have big changes coming up. here is tara. here is a look at your bay point pittsburgh area, westbound as you make your way
5:31 am
towards concord, around 2:00 this morning in oakland, high- speed chase ended with the suspect's car facing oncoming traffic. the suspect's carjacked the suv and officers chased them on to interstate 880 then the car headed north in the southbound lanes. suspects eventually hopped out of the car and made a run for it but officers caught up with them and caught them with their backpack filled with stolen items. police are on the lookout for the vandals who slashed more than 50 car tires over the weekend. police are really increasing their patrols on this, allie? >> reporter: well it happened late saturday night into early morning, but when we took a drive we could still see signs of the damage. 50 cars had these damaged. this is the back passenger side
5:32 am
and it has a gash in the bottom of it. palo alto police say this vandalism happened between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., and most of the cars had the tires slashed on the sidewalk closest to the sidewalk. it is possible they were walking through the neighborhood when they did this and of course what we saw was tires slashed on ventura avenue and palo alto but there were other cars damaged as well. this is a map, so ventura avenue, park boulevard to the east meadow drive and police do not have a description of the suspects or suspect who did this but they would like if anybody notices anything suspense to -- suspicious to please give a call.
5:33 am
one group started its march following campus demonstrations on thursday. they will join thuses at a rally in front of the state capital. the governor is expected to speak along with the president daryle sign itberg. we will have a live report from san jose where students are already gathering. simone perez is waking up and it is the first time an incumbent president is paying a visit to this area. alex savage is joining us, good morning alex. good morning to you. after arriving, perez will be heading to silicone valley focusing on innovation. we will be taking a tour to this ibm facility and security will be extra tight when he shows up here. he will be discovering
5:34 am
artificial intelligence and they will drop by other tech giants like google and they will do alive streaming interview on the social networking site. they will meet with venture capitalists and push for more investments with israeli tech start ups. >> even though we are less than 8 million people we are here to strengthen that connection. >> of course security will be beefed up wherever perez goes and he will give a speech at the temple emanuel in san francisco. they will have a perimeter in place of sharp shooters to protect the president and this is the first time the israeli president is visiting and it's significant for the jewish
5:35 am
community. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we just felt a big earthquake, a shake and quite a roll. we understand two miles from richmond is what we are hearing at this point. 5:33 would you say steve? >> i know i was checking twitter. >> our studio was bouncing around while alex savage was talking. if you felt it, we are getting all the details, we will get the magnitude and where it was centered as soon as we can. >> it was off of berkeley but we just heard four miles from berkeley we are told was the epicenter and you may have felt it is as well because we felt it -- as well because we felt it in our studios. in other news related, states that were battered by last week's tornadoes have a big cleanup operation today.
5:36 am
now a look at these pictures on friday, they have killed at least 39 people including a young girl who had first survived the tornado. we will bring you a live report from one of the hardest hit cities and residents are trying to cope with no power no food and no supplies. a court hearing for a man accused of killing a pleasanton teen 28 years ago. the body of tina was discovered on april 5th, 1984 in a drainage area near highway 680. police say she was stabbed to death while taking a shortcut home. police announce the arrest of steven carson a former classmate. new dna testing links him to the crime and he could enter a plea today. a teen accused of killing his own parents is also due in
5:37 am
court today. the district attorney's office is charging cayman inside their home in january. he then put his parent's bodies inside the car and tried to set it on fire. lawmakers planned on holding an 8:00 a.m. news conference today and that's when they will announce their call for an audit of san jose's finances. they accused mayor chuck reid of inflating that debt. santa clara county superior court judge will consider the rep rent dumb -- referendum voter j. the city will take out
5:38 am
$850 million in loans. stadium supporters say the public should not have to vote on an issue they have already approved. they are holding a stadium for the day. he is accused of crashing into the bay. he was doing donuts near fort mason 3:00 a.m. when he crashed into the bay. three teens were inside the car with hernandez, nobody was hurt but hernandez was arrested for inn endangering the welfare of children. did you feel the earthquake? >> no, but the traffic center was shaking and there was quite a vibration, it did register a
5:39 am
4.3 magnitude at the center one mile north of el cerrito. they said they could not feel it so perhaps only people in the east bay could feel it and we will start to hear from the viewers out there. at the san mateo bridge we have a truck stalled westbound towards foster city. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is clear no lays to -- no delays to speak of. they just reissued a heavy fog advisory and you need to take it easy if you are headed into san francisco or to marin. steve, that was a fun one, i am if? >> 4.1, 4.3 is what i am hearing we are working on it. there is some fog coming back to the coast, it is shallow but it is there so you will have to deal with it as you saw some
5:40 am
thick fog. coast, fog, big changes start tonight and clouds colder, breezy to windy, there could be some light rain and the emphasis is on the cold. there will be some snow in the mountains cool very cool and breezy as we go into wednesday so temperatures were in the mid- 70s and we will drop into the upper 50s. mostly sunny, we start off with 30s to the north, lots of 40s here but a little bit colder, later on as the system inches closer, we'll see the west wind begin to pick up. it might produce some light wind tomorrow morning and more than likely the end result is more than cold wind, tomorrow colder, breezy highs to mid- 50s, breezy and the overall forecast cold and windy. 50s and 60s, not those 70s you
5:41 am
had by the waters edge. some upper 60s and temperatures will fall off after today. we will continue that into wednesday, we get a rebound thursday and friday. does look like a change is brewing for the latter part of the weekend, pam, dave? >> i am hearing a lot from twitter, mr. sea, kraig in vallejo, willie who tweets us a lot pretty big in the mission district, we are asking you on facebook to let us know what you are feeling hopefully no damage, please let us know what you are feeling. >> st. frances woods area, we are rocking, we heard from people all over the place. down to the wire for the republican presidential candidates. >> we need to have that big victory on tuesday night... >> with 10 states holding
5:42 am
contests tomorrow, where the candidates are focusing their attention tomorrow... they moved bryan stow and the reason for the move and complications he is experiencing because of it... your complete is looking -- commute is looking good, we will look at some other bay area roadways next, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home.
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so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe. . well, a couple of things fog has come back to the coast, it will be cooler by the coast, mostly 60s to low 70s and the earthquake was centered around el cerrito. here is a look at the other top stories, college students are planning a protest in
5:45 am
sacramento, calling on state lawmakers to restore funding for higher education. they expect more than 10,000 people to be at today's march and rally. israeli president, shim moan perfect -- simone perez will be visiting san jose. he will be in the bay area through thursday most of the time visiting silicone valley tech companies. vandals slashed tires on more than 50 cars in this palo alto neighborhood. police are now increasing their patrols. 51 cars were found vandalized with at least one punctured tire in the neighborhood near el comino reall. the earthquake hit at 5:33 according to the geological
5:46 am
survey and centered near el cerrito. we are getting dozens of calls to the newsroom and people are monitoring this across the bay area. so we are -- do we have heather homes on the -- heather holmes with us on the phone? heather, tell everybody where you are and what you felt. >> reporter: yes, i was actually sound asleep having anchored the 10:00 news last night and was literally jolted out of my bed. i live in a high-rise building on the 12th floor of a building in san francisco and it was literally as if we were at sea. it rocked back and forth, i got up out of bed and i thought we just had an earthquake. things were rattling, the kitchen was rattling and it was quite significant and as both you and dave know i am not a
5:47 am
native californian, i have been here for six years and that was the largest i have felt since being here in san francisco. >> it is interesting because we felt it was a jolt and it rolled for quite a while in the studio and it felt like for quite a few seconds, is that what you felt, a jolt and swaying and rolling for a little bit? >> exactly and we do live in a newly constructed building so it is literally built on rollers so it isable to absorb that movement but that's how it felt, it felt as if we were rocking back and forth and it seemed like 8 to 10 seconds or so, enough for me to get out of bed stand there for a moment and still continue to feel that movement. for me it was a sharp jolt because initially that is what i felt and when i felt the back and forth, again it is something i had never felt
5:48 am
before and it lasted a lot longer than anything else i felt before. >> heather homes, thank you, hopefully you can get back to sleep but thank you for calling us and letting us know firsthand. u.s. geological survey said it hit 5.43 near the el cerrito area and we are hearing all over the bay area lot of people felt this earthquake. -- earthquake. hopefully there are no reports of damage but we will bring you any information as soon as we get it. we are all over it, time now 5:48 a big earthquake in the capital of india. the geological survey says it was just outside of new delhily and this lasted about 10 seconds. so far no word of any injuries
5:49 am
or damage. >> theythey had a tornado and school is canceled for the entire week. this is an education complex that houses it to high school students. it has sustained heavy damage, school buses are flattened with phone lines down. >> we have more on the deadly
5:50 am
tornadoes they are pulling out all the last minute campaigning, and they had a song in tennessee. >> greenest state in the land of the free, raised in the woods so he knew every tree and he killed himself a bear when he was only three. davey crocket --... >> meantime rick santorum criticized president barack obama's energy policy. >> when it comes to energy when you ask, can we drill in deep water no, whether we can drill in a las is a no, -- alaska, you need a president who says yes to energy development. >> [applauds]. >> rand paul campaign in alaska
5:51 am
pushing libertarian platform and newt gingrich says he feels confident of a win tomorrow. and san francisco giants fan bryan stow has a new home. last thursday his family moved him from the santa clara medical center to a new unidentified rehabilitation with more aggressive therapy. the distance and unfamiliar setting are now causing bryan stow to lose sleep and his aptitude. he also had surgery on both his achilles tendons and that's to help him stand on his own. a big quake, bart has just stopped all of their trains because of it. they are not sure when they will be running service but because of that quake centered near service they are not sure
5:52 am
if they will resume. >> and i think we are checking in with tara, i know they usually do that just so they can check all the tracks. >> they need to make sure they are inspecting all of the lines and they need to know if bart service is restored. when you are driving you don't feel it but they will hear about it. at first we will take a look through san rafael, traffic is flowing nicely in all directions at the 580 split. we had quite a bit of fog this morning a heavy fog advisory was reissued to let people know they should take it easy going across the span. traffic is picking up and we should be seeing the metering lights going on and we will keep you posted. officially just came on, originally we just saw 4.0 by
5:53 am
el cerrito sir on the fault line, more information continues to come in and it looks like it is 4.0 and twitter is alive and well. on the cool down, thick fog coast and bay. inland temperatures will still be sunny and we'll see a cool down, leading edge is on the coast. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, the system coming in from the north will usher in a lighter pattern but overall the message will be late tonight tomorrow we'll see some cold air move in, breezy to windy conditions and this has a potential to crank up the breeze, highs upper 50s, mid- 50s for some, light rain possible, mostly sunny, fog coast and bay, still not bad inland upper temperatures in the 70s and some of that is
5:54 am
thick and shallow. highway one around the bay could cause issues with visibility. colder tuesday and wednesday and then it starts to calm down, a change in our pattern is brewing as clouds may lead to rain late sunday into monday. all right, steve, it happened 20 minutes ago, exactly. 4.0 is what they are calling it, we will have the latest on where it was and who felt it. plus san francisco's music scene, stunned by the death of a legend. getting ready to plant?
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miracle-gro garden soil. start right. finish big.
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. this one hit at 533, it was centered in richmond and we are getting dozens of calls into the newsroom and this is a good one, it was felt across the bay area. they are mourning the death of one of rock's greatest guitarrest. ronnie montrose, he was 64 years old. he got his first break when he was hired to play on van morrison's tupelo honey but his
5:58 am
greatest success came with montrose which featured a young unknown singer sammy hagueer and rocked the nation. let's see what is happening on the roads, before we do that, we'll see how history will be made, the president of israel is in the bay area. the reason president perez is here and the busy schedule ahead. plus why students will converge and many say it will depend on it. we will be right back to talk about the earthquake in el cerrito sir. it's getting crowded
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